Sittin' on the couch

by Alex's Hand



"Sittin' on the couch" is the upcoming release and first listen from Berlin-based avant-garde orchestral rock musicians behind Alex’s Hand before they drop their newest album, Hungarian Spa.
Alex's Hand is centered around the songwriting of multi- instrumentalist Kellen Mills and drummer Nic Barnes, though it’s clear to understand the collaborative process of the project through this release. Layers of vocals and curious instrumentals dive and expand throughout the two-
minute single. Lead vocalist Erik Leuthäuser croons on,
“never gonna be what you want to be”, a sting on the expectations developed within popular social media platforms and what occurs in physical reality. The single is a commentary on wasted hours from obsessing over unrealistic digital fantasies, while the characters within the single deeply reflect on their life.


released July 5, 2019
"Sittin' on the couch"
Nic Barnes - drums
Kellen Mills - bass,synth
Erik Leuthäuser - lead vocals
Matt Kennon - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Giovanni Chirico - baritone saxophone
Ruben Bernges - banjo
Danielle Friedman - acoustic piano

Lyrics by : Kellen Mills
Music by: Alex's Hand (Kellen Mills & Nic Barnes)
Mixed and edited by: Kellen Mills
Mastered by: Maor Applebaum Mastering


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Alex's Hand

Alex's Hand is:

Kellen Mills
Nic Barnes


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