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Hungarian Spa

by Alex's Hand

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ROWIAL Do you miss new music from F. Zappa? In the veigns of One Size Fits All, Studio Tan and Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life? So do I. Alex's Hand provide remarkable salvation in their Hungarian Spa. High level composing and playing by a 10piece band with 15 guest appearances offer a kind of rich, captivating ±zappaesk music, which can't be confused with missed master's original one. Same same but welly, welly difflen!?! SUPERB!
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Since We Felt, This I’ve. Wasted. Like this. Scrubbing raw. This is something you can never clean. We got a group ticket. (It’s True) Grease is. Building. (So Far) As they’re watching. (Too far) Stepped off. The plane. Now. We decided, after much deliberation. Trust ignited. At the soaps infiltration. I walked into the white room, so clean it’s clean. They offer to soap my back. Is this what you paid for? She asked. In the bubble bath. Floating sack. Never come back. Luckacs real Spa. Fat guys in the bath. It’s in Hungary. Enema’s,smoked fish and babies. Luckacs Is the place. You’ve always wanted. To be a star.
Welcome my friends to the linguistic centrifuge of charisma and chronic… (holds ears) The jazz forum for experienced number enthusiasts and autistic centrists with advanced finger disease And numbed out frat head delinquents with hand to foot disorders and cranial wiping But there is a point to the frantic readjustment of subjugated freedom, especially when put through a dichotomy of preconceptions progressing through a multiplex of preconceived perspectives and perplexing prognosis. Because nouns are artifacts and facts are artistic verbs used to forbid us from telling the truth. But what are we really trying for when theres nothing but blue notes and grey skin already in place? What can jazz teach us about polka? Where have you gone, my beautiful queen, the lost fragment of what I thought was a sure deal: The real quadrant of chaos, the copulant quark of quirky cacophony. You are my muse… And so thus must you amuse me. Bring me to the brink of the edge, let me binge on the fringe…I AM YOUR ROGUE in vogue, limited time only, for free only in advance. You guys Don’t play any music here, just wait until I finish… I said wait WAIT WAIT WAIT Hold on Do you have any Major Thomas? Wait a minute I thought you guys were gunna play the Grand Wazoo or at least the Major Thomas or Creature from the Black Lagoon, not this non mongrel type typhoon, esquevell told us to stay tuned for less than more than what would be a few if it weren’t for the two new dudes from cancun on a vacation to the moon. Do you like to dance? Its free, of course, in advance. Lets get fancy, take off your pants and try this…
Fifty - 3 07:19
Refresh Ing He reached for a coffee. It was never meant to. Money fallen down there. Go for it man its there. Wait and Seee. Fifty three. Guts dont work. I’m fucking fifty three. Get your nails done Get your head screwed on Its all there Pay right now for it. Wipe your ass no shit. Cleans the skin legit. Now you’ve gotten far. Think the worlds done. Reminds me of it. Lost like a chosen son. Selfish old bastards. Consulting insecurities fast and quick. They’re shining utensils. If you can direct them where to stick. There’s gotta be answer. Sitting in the spa and bath. Find it quickly. Or suffer the aftermath. Pay right now for it. Wipe your ass no shit. Cleans the skin legit. But the memories remain.
We Are Ne Ver Loaded up and headinsouth. Frightened though. Guess we gotta talk bout it Don’t want to it ebs and flows. Break it up and Find reasons not to do it. We will never be. Like our solitude. Everything is free. Broke arms. In the trees. Wash it all away. Worst for wear the other day. She puts her hand under the towel. But I get the feeling she dont know how. He had a mission. In the kitchen. But it was wrong. So wrong. Now he’s an idol. Misread the title. Wax your ass. Wax then ask. Loaded up and headinsouth. Frightened though. Guess we gotta talk bout it Don’t want to it ebs and flows. Break it up and Find reasons not to do it.
Lately Rina 03:17
Lately Rina. The attendant there. Dreaming Rina her buttocks bare. She was longing for my love. She just don’t know it behind the gloves. Lastly Rina Let me in. You kneeling over. I lick the skin. She never wanted or thought she did. But my lovely Rina, is stuffed with kids.
Just damn Getting through the cracks. But it’s gotta be done sometimes. I figured after so many hours. Days. Clocks. Ticking along. Trying so blatantly. To Move. Move it said (different voice) “Move the large hand against the short hand.” Or figuring that time and clocks and it and going and gone could be. Once I saw it. Just sitting there. Violently clutching the last seconds. Tick. Just a Tick. And all these scurrying rodents never knew what hit em. We couldnt have gotten far when these benefactors latch on to thoughts like laws dissolved. Never trusted myself. Never trusted others either. Never myself though. Never Couldnt. Never. The big T. Taught teaching thought Training. Telluride. Tick Tick Tick It was a tough day. At the plant. Budapest Walking through the white doors. Blocked by the sun. Cracked wall paper down the front. Levelled at the corners where the two walls meet. I never could see through em. They were there though. Grafted like a tattoo. DAzed. I’m DAzed. Good riddance. I jumped into my el camino and headed for (yell) wild country! (Different Voice) “It’s just a spa” Lose yourself in the doors. Shining like light against the dark black boots of stomping feet crushing underneath. The broken leaking remnants of guts remained. Lastly they like roses in a shop filled with utensils. Stabbed and bleeding and soaked through. Skin just at the surface. She measures me. The sort of measurement one did once to determine what bled. Taking these experiments to the soaked tshirt where her dark red spots can be seen. A large scale demise. I tried teaching them. And then deciding. IT wasnt worth it to me. Or her. This is. Spaaaaaaaa. (whisper) This is. Spaaaaaaa. (whisper) If they’d just listen. Spaaaaaaa. (whisper) I could Spaaaaaaa. (whisper) Regain Spaaaaaaa. (whisper) Regain Spaaaaaaa. (whisper) Tick Spaaaaaaa. (whisper)
Fat Cmdr. 00:53
Let the tanks. Tanks Hit the ranks. Ranks Get the kids. Kids The ones who hid. Hid And as the broken children clawed their way past all these bodies And you a general in the fifth divison go and relax here in the spa bath Let the tanks. Tanks Hit the ranks. Ranks. We’ll never see. As it’s hidden Reports come in. Broken division. Shine it up. Then ship it. Kill em all and forget it.
Palinka 01:51
Older Now. Receding. Blisters there. Right There. No Hair. Giveme. Something to do and say. TO SAY. And I thought I’d get some more experience with this. Just hunkered down and tired. Thinking these things. Horrible stupid things. No one can change it now. Retired Now I can Think above it. Lost in there. No one can tell you. I’ve got blisters on my pee pee. Older Now. Receding. Blisters there. Right There. We’ve been slowly sinking. Wasted Youth In my fifties. Lets just stop. (It is comin) Stuck Thoughts Response
Bobmarxley 01:58
I’m Sittting. On the couch. Wasting. Wasting awaaaayyy. Never Gonna be. No not. Gonna What you. Wannt TOOOOooo. Sitting on the couch. Yea sitting right there on the couch. No Never gonna be What you want to be. Can not To me To me See. Sitting on the couch. Yea sitting right there on the couch. No Never gonna be What you want to be. I’m Sittting. On the couch. THE couuuch.
Kockaroach 00:56
Sin fully. Lest us not be fraid. You can nev er be that wayayayyyyyy. Be cause You’re just a little Freak Strapped do wn. Just a pieceeeeee (of meat) It’s all. Only such a game. They are. Something they can’t face. Lame. We can not trust. Sin fully. Lest us not be fraid. You can nev er be And it hurts so bad I cant. Will you Jump in front of it Lest you Do not give a shit Time It’s not a crime to Be prepared For what you have wrought It’s alottttt Like Pain Treated like I know it should. Dug up sullied stinking plants grown there Lowly psychophants Tame Image come but one for all You can't see it wonderful Framed Like a picture She saw down facing angry crowds Gun shot blaring Sound We can not be replaced Sinfully question everyone Comment arguments run Hate click the camera sees it
New Skin 08:30


All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Kellen Mills and Nic Barnes.
Lyrics by: Kellen Mills; except "Symbioastic Manuvr" by Nic Barnes

Alex’s Hand communicate the concept of this spa as a total cleanse, a dissolution of regret for every character who takes over through the sixteen-track album, exploring different ideas and perceptions of a getaway. Opening track “This Is Sumthing You Can Never Clean” slowly weaves the listener through vibrant vocal harmonies and provoking instrumental accents until sudden blasts of sound pull you into the contrasting world of Alex’s Hand. “Symbioastic Manuvr” provides an immediate meta experience, with the narrator calling out directly to the audience in an attempt to have a conversation that calls for a response. Louder offerings on the album, like “Fifty-3”, “Kockaroach” and the swirling and disorienting “Sittin’ on the couch” stands as the artists’ commentary on society’s obsession with feedback from social media. The sultry “Bobmarxley” lends itself as one meant to be repeated through smoky bars amongst dim lighting, while closing track “Hungarian” leaves the listener on a chromatic bender.


released October 15, 2019


Kellen Mills - bass, upright, synth, vocals
Nic Barnes - Drums, percussion, vocals
Erik Leuthäuser - lead vocals (1,3,4,5,8,9.12)
Ruben Bernges - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, bkp vocals
Jacopo Bazzarri - vibraphone
Matt Kennon - tenor sax, alto sax, bkp vocals
Giovanni Chirico - baritone sax
Dima Bondarev - trumpet
Scott Flynn - trombone
Danielle Friedman - acoustic piano

Add. Musicians

Roberto Vicchio - trumpet (1), italian (3)
Scott Thomas - additional alto sax (4) , alto sax solo (16) , alto sax (2)
Grgur Savic - alto sax (1)
Matt Paull - keys (1,13), bckp vocals (1)
Carl Andrew O'sullivan - bckp vocals (1)
Phil Tietjen - spoken (7)
Brian Krock - alto sax, clarinet (10)
Chato Segerer - guitar solo (15)
Omri Abramov - tenor sax solo (4) , tenor sax (2)
Marietta Sarri - lead vocals (14)
Chatschatur Kanajan - violin (14)
Josephine Andronic - violin (14)
Shasta Ellenbogen - viola (14)
Liron Yariv - cello (14)
Gabe Tachell - vocals (15)


All tracks recorded by Alex's Hand at Alex's Hand studios except "Symbioastic Manuvr" recorded live by rockradio.de and Jörg Dreissigacker

Mixed and edited by: Kellen Mills
Mastered by : Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA

Artwork by Jim Agpalaza
Photography by - Trag Records
Package design by - Nic Barnes

Special thanks to : EVERYONE!

Alex’s Hand is supported by Initiative Musik GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


all rights reserved



Alex's Hand

Alex's Hand was founded by: Kellen Mills and Nic Barnes in 2011. Featuring their compositions the band existed in varying formations from 2011-2019. Based on a do anything you want ethos the music featured many prominent musicians in its 8 year existence. The last and final album is "Hungarian Spa". Their past work was licensed by RAIG records. ... more

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